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Five Gifts that Can Help Improve Health

Christmas is right around the corner which means it’s time for the inevitable holiday rush of gift buying and wrapping. It can be hard to think of what to gift someone, especially those who seem to already have everything! So rather than picking up small trinkets the recipient might not actually want or food items that will just pile up among other holiday treats, try gifting lifestyle-friendly items that will make an impact and be useful year-long.

Fitness Classes

A voucher to try a new kind of fitness class is an excellent opportunity for a loved one who wants to find a new hobby. Group classes are also a great gift if someone has expressed interest in wanting to exercise more but is reluctant to get started. Depending on activity and ability level there are many options available from yoga and Zumba to more intense classes such as weightlifting and Crossfit. Even better, offer to take the class alongside the recipient and learn a new skill together.

Healthy Cookbooks

Cooking for one’s self can be a relaxing way to have a night in and eat more home-cooked meals. By eating food prepared at home as opposed to prepackaged and takeout you are more likely to consume fewer empty calories and less unhealthy ingredients. This is an easy gift too, just find out what kind of food the recipient likes and gift accordingly. You can offer to have a night where you get together and make one of the recipes in the cookbook together to make the gift special.

Activity Trackers

Activity trackers are wearable devices that record all kinds of different health data. These gadgets are perfect for being aware of important information like your heart rate and how much you are moving. Many activity trackers will send a gentle reminder to move if you have been sitting for more than an hour and will push you towards getting a recommended number of steps for the day. There are many different brands of activity trackers available for sale and they come in many styles and colors. Overwhelmed by all the options? Here is a list of the top recommended trackers for sale in 2018.

Massage Gift Certificate

Who doesn’t love massages? Massages have been scientifically proven to have many health benefits for the body, both mental and physical. The gift of a massage is a great message to someone that they should indulge in themselves and be pampered. This is a great gift for someone who is always on the go or stressed out. The masseuse will be able to work with the recipient to figure out what kind of massage will be right for them, so you know they’ll love it!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils have a variety of health benefits in addition to making a room smell nice. They can be used to help wind down at the end of the day, help you breathe when you’re congested, and even shoo away insects! A diffuser is a perfect gift no matter who you are giving a gift to and is suitable for even the pickiest of people because they choose the scents that go into the diffuser. Here’s a list of 12 common oils and their uses if you’re wanting to learn more.


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