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October Is Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

Many pregnant women undergo medical ultrasounds to monitor their babies’ growth and development, but ultrasounds also serve many other important purposes. Often used to identify changes in organs, tissues and vessels or to detect the presence of tumors, ultrasounds help medical professionals make accurate diagnoses and determine the most effective forms of treatment.

Recognized annually in October, Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month raises awareness about how medical sonographers diagnose and identify conditions and health issues and how sonography often increases and improves a patient’s chances of recovery.

The Diagnostic Ultrasound Profession

A great way to break into the medical field without having to attend a four-year college, the medical ultrasound career path gives graduates an opportunity to land a lucrative job and make a real, tangible difference in the lives of today’s patients. A highly in-demand career, medical sonographers make an average of $70,000 a year, and medical sonography jobs are set to grow 14% faster than the average American job opportunity. Currently, there are more than 134,000 medical sonography jobs across the United States.

The Arizona Heart Foundation’s accelerated Ultrasound Technician Programs take just 12 months to complete, meaning they prepare qualified professionals for high-paying jobs in health care much faster than most other pathways. Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools and established more than 35 years ago, the Arizona Heart Foundation’s School of Ultrasound trains students in both Cardiac Ultrasound and Vascular & General Ultrasound procedures, with cardiac programs starting twice annually, in January and July, and vascular and general ultrasound programs beginning once a year in January.

Successfully completing either of these programs gives a student the green light to move forward with credentialing exams in their specific area of interest.

Career Placement Assistance

While the Arizona Heart Foundation’s School of Ultrasound prepares students for a wide range of high-paying health care careers, it also helps them land jobs where they can begin putting their skills to the test right away. Both programs have job placement rates for graduates that exceed 90%, meaning more than nine out of every 10 graduates go on to land a job immediately following program completion.

Health care-inclined students looking to develop the skills needed for profitable, rewarding careers as medical ultrasound technicians gain hands-on scanning experience starting on day one in the program. To learn more about this lucrative career path or explore the educational opportunities available at the Arizona Heart Foundation’s School of Ultrasound, check out


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