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Two APD Probationers Treated Thanks to AZ Heart Foundation

We were proud to receive a copy of this notification that was recently sent out by Maricopa County’s Adult Probation Department.

2 APD probationers treated thanks to AZ Heart Foundation

By Jack Dillon Community Restitution Program Supervisor

Recently, two probationers from the Adult Probation Department were able to get treated at a hospital emergency room thanks to their involvement in the Adult Probation Department’s Community Restitution Program and APD’s partnership with the Arizona Heart Foundation.

It was during this program where medical students working at the foundation discovered probationers, serving as patient models, to have preexisting heart conditions. Typically, medical students at the Arizona Heart Foundation do not provide medical diagnoses but on this occasion they observed heart problems within the two probationers that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

APD’s partnership with Arizona Heart Foundation allows probationers an opportunity to complete community restitution hours.  At the Arizona Heart Foundation, medical students learn how to administer cardiac and vascular ultrasounds, and practice on a variety of patient models, including probationers.  This is a good placement for probationers with physical or health limitations who are unable to perform other types of community restitution work.


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